One of the most Pinterest-worthy weddings ever!

Check out the doggie event of the decade in our #PopNews midday buzz:

Robin Takes A Trip To Shondaland!

Some wine & popcorn whilst binge-watching Scandal? Robin & Olivia Pope have it handled.


Behind the closed doors of Seattle Grace, Robin gets the deets on McDreamy from Dr. Grey herself.


Are you learning to get away with murder, Robin?


Robin with Shonda Rhimes, the genius behind ABC Thursday’s hot new tv lineup. She’ll have you saying “Thank God It’s Thursday!” Every. Single. Week. 


See all the behind-the-scenes scoop of Robin at Shondaland here:

Photo Credit: ABC/ Ida Astute

What Would The Fox Say About This New Video?

The guys from Ylvis are back with a brand new hit.

You have to see the hilarious video in the ‘Pop News’ buzz:

The Tiny Hamster Strikes Again!

See the tiny hamster take on a world-famous competitive eater in the ‘Pop News’ midday buzz:

The first full length trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One’ is finally here and it’s even more intense than we could have imagined. Take a peek in our ‘Pop News’ midday buzz:

30 Things We <3 About Prince Harry

1. He’s single!

2. He’s single!

3. He’s single!

Here are 30 OTHER things we love about Prince Harry in honor of his 30th birthday:

Motivate Me Monday!

We’re so excited for Tim Tebow to join us on GMA!

He’s bringing us a new segment called “Motivate Me Monday”


The story he brought us today is guaranteed to make you tear up. WATCH:

Priscilla the mini pig is so stylish you’ll want to steal her outfits! See her favorite fashions in the ‘Pop News’ midday buzz:

Love & Marriage go together like…

…horse & carriage! Remember those lyrics?

See why the cast of ‘Married With Children’ reunited 17 years later!

Michael Strahan Meets The Queen…. of Pop.

Michael Strahan had a one-on-one interview with the queen of pop, Britney Spears.

They talked about her new sleepwear line, ‘The Intimate Britney Spears’


They ate cupcakes because who doesn’t love cupcakes


And most importantly, SHE TAUGHT HIM DANCE MOVES

Watch the full interview in all it’s glory here: